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 Oral Literatures Series

Asia is home to 70% of the roughly 400 million indigenous peoples around the world speaking 7000 languages and settled in ancestral lands, urban centres, townships and reservations. Traditions passed down orally for many generations distinguish them from dominant societies in important ways. One difference, and often found in elaborate ritual forms that accompany intergenerational transmission, are knowledge systems articulating a concern for the reciprocal life-conferring relationship between humans and the natural world. However, such knowledge and ritual forms are disappearing at an alarming rate. By some estimates 90% of existing languages will become extinct by 2100, thus also spelling the demise of an incredible complexity of knowledge systems that have endured for many millenia. However, interventions do exist, and this series documents the work of The Kohima Institute's Oral Literatures programme, comprised of anthropologists, linguists, historians and ethnomusicologists from around the world, as they record, transcribe, translate, annotate, and publish the oral literatures of the Asia and beyond. 

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