Highlander Books is pleased to announce the release of: Nagas as a Society Against Voting and Other Essays


"This collection of 11 essays… is like an 11-course dinner that one rarely, if at all, gets to partake of. Each of the eleven courses tells us something unique about the Naga society and polity and the author’s unique style of presenting ethnographic insights provides the right kind of ambience and mood for partaking such a lavish dinner." Tanka B. Subba, North-Eastern Hill University

"The author’s investigation is thoroughly scholarly, and his dedication to understanding the Naga question, the earliest political struggle to take shape in the region, is praiseworthy" Niketu Iralu, Naga elder and peace activist

"This collection of finely crafted essays challenges major assumptions about Naga society. It helps us move beyond ‘tribal essentialism’ as we learn about the gendered nature of customary law, rival visions of the future, and how territorial claims are reworked" Willem Van Schendel, University of Amsterdam