Highlander Books is an independent international academic publisher of monographs and edited volumes in the humanities and social sciences. Carrying the imprimatur of The Highlander, a distinguished community of scholars in highland Asia, Highlander Books is dedicated to the highest academic standards through the scholarly appraisal of its editorial team and worldwide community of reviewers. Its chosen programme of publications includes:

Anthropology • Film, Media & Cultural Studies • History • Indigenous Studies • Language & Linguistics • Literary Studies • Music • Philosophy • Politics • Religious Studies

Our Vision

We will acquisition and publish innovative research of the highest academic standards, that contributes to knowledge, fosters intellectual community, is accessible to the broadest audience, and strengthens the Commons. 

Our Mission

We publish printed and open access digital books and journals in our focus areas across the humanities and social sciences, joining innovative scholarship with high editorial and production values. 

  • We are a global ambassador for The Highlander, distributing our books and journals worldwide each year. 
  • We contribute to the long tradition of disseminating knowledge that is accessible to a general readership, fostering intellectual debate and promoting awareness of new ideas.
  • We make scholarship of the highest standards available (in print and online) to the widest possible readership through open access publishing, and low-cost printed texts. 
  • We play an important role in creating well-designed, high quality materials for educators and students at all levels of scholarship. 
  • We work closely with authors throughout the editing, peer-reviewing, designing and formatting, type-setting, indexing, and printing of each publication. 
  • We endeavour to work in multiple languages, and are especially keen to promote indigenous languages in close coordination with The Highlander's ongoing work in archiving the oral literatures of highland Asian indigenous communities in conjunction with The Kohima Institute
  • We are financially responsible, ensuring that we can continually grow the business and invest in our future publishing programme. 

Open Access Policy

Highlander Books provides open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge.